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Lasser grain borer

Size: Adults 2 – 3mm long with their larvae growing to 3mm in length

Color: adults are reddish-brown in color and larvae are white

Breeding: life cycle of these pests is 8 weeks. Females can produce up to 500 eggs at one time and these are scattered loosely in grain.

The Lesser Grain Borer is a primary pest of grain in Western Australia meaning it can bore directly into a kernel where it will consume the insides reducing it to a hollow husk where it will reside and complete its larval life. This stored product pest is probably the most serious pest of stored products in WA. It is primarily a pest of stored wheat and corn but it can also infest tobacco, nuts, birdseed, biscuits, and cocoa beans as well as spices, rodent baits, and even dried meats.

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